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Rapés, from different Brazilian tribes, strong, visionary and of high quality, chosen for their high purity and strength




  • Rapé, a powder made from ancient plants from the Amazon whose essential component is tobacco, is a physical and spiritual medicine that helps cleanse the pineal gland, a part of the body that connects the human being directly with energy. Therapists and specialists in the uses of medicinal plants state that “this gland, through some substances of daily use such as fluoride, becomes calcified and numb,” so rapé manages to decalcify that gland, in addition to providing other benefits. for both physical and spiritual health of the human being. The mixture is composed of vegetables and minerals that the different tribes that inhabit the Amazon have used for thousands of years. Its main component is tobacco, which is usually applied toasted on embers or made into ashes, but regardless of which plants or minerals accompany it, what is important according to experts is “the spirit of those plants”, which provides an extra contribution to the different active ingredients. that make up this medicine. It should be said that rapé is made differently depending on the country of origin, usually Brazil or Colombia. “It (tobacco) can be mixed with up to 39 different plants such as tiles, mother-of-pearl shells, seeds, roots,” explain experts and commented that in Brazil some of the rapés are named after the tribes that use it, as is the case from the Katukina, Nukini, Yawanawa tribe and more. The members of these tribes “know the energy of plants because they are in contact with nature all the time, they fast, they don’t eat anything, they drink a little liquid and only one plant.” Fasting and previously being in a period of solitude serves to “be cleaner energetically”, free of other heavy energies such as that of meat. “They take only that plant until they get to know how it acts on them and see that communication between the two beings, the being that is the plant and their own being,” specialists detail. Added to this self-knowledge is the transmission of wisdom from one generation of traditional doctors to another within the tribe itself. Application
  •   Rapé can be taken in two ways, one is alone and the other as a ritual, guided by a therapist. In the ceremony, the doses taken are much higher and very deep processes of understanding oneself are delved into. During the application, through the nose, a link is established between the one who projects (the therapist) and the one who receives (the patient). This bond is essential for healing. “Medicine is not only the rapé, but the intention of the person who makes the projection of the rapé. It is a channel of the energy of the spirit, so it must be neutral to give that medicine and have a healing intention for the other person,” they say. Experts distinguish two fundamental types of pathologies, physical and energetic. The latter arise from the moment we are born and the soul begins to inhabit the human body. “From the moment we are born, we are all limited, conditioned. Then there is the religion, family and society with which you grow up, all of this makes you have many behavioral patterns, many judgments about what is bad and what is good and that creates internal conflicts,” they explain. In practice, these conditions translate into fear, anxiety, a feeling of abandonment and “many wounds in the being that must be unblocked and healed.” Properties of rapé
  •   The therapist accompanies her during her therapy sessions with powerful psychological inquiries through dialogue with her patients, who little by little begin to shed light on their fears guided by her and accompanied by snuff or other alternative medicines such as ayahuasca or peyote. But rapé can also be consumed alone. Experts say that through a small “v-shaped” kuripes device, which directs one tip to the nostril and another to the mouth, one can use it at home. It also serves to relieve allergies or headaches, as well as to have mental clarity when high concentration is required to perform an activity. “On an energetic level, you enter a direct induced meditative state. On a physical level, it is very good for respiratory tract diseases or severe headaches such as migraines,” they explained.


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