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100 grs Mambe + 10 gr Ambil (Pack Mambero)




100 gr Mambe + 10 gr Ambil – Pack Mambero
It is used as a complement to the mambe by combining the energy of the masculine with the feminine. (Mambe female-Ambil male). Likewise, it helps us balance these two energies in ourselves!!!
The masculine and feminine part
Mambe of Tribe Huitoto from River Putumayo – Colombia (the Murui community)
Putumayo mambe, natural medicine for the body, soul and life, made from toasted and pulverized coca leaf and white yarumo ash, totally natural, with excellent flavor and cushioning… Mambe is made by grandparents from the Murui community “children of tobacco, coca and sweet cassava”. Mambear is with ambil and mambe, the two are complemented, ambil calls for understanding and wisdom and mambe allows the expression of the word, mambe and ambil in people who are just starting out must be done using minimum amounts of ambil, which is the strongest elemental , then little by little it will change from dizziness or drunkenness to feeling the true spirit of tobacco and coca, the strength and understanding of these plants are things that arrive little by little… A hug and many successes with medicine…
Ambil of Tribe Huitoto from River Putumayo – Colombia (the Murui community)
Ambil Putumayo is a medicine made mainly from tobacco leaves, wild cocoa extract, ashes and vegetable salt, which makes it an ambil with sweet characteristics. Ambil Putumayo is a strong medicine, it is recommended to start with minimal quantities, where dizziness and nausea are part of the work of medicine, little by little this will change and it will become strength and will… Successes with medicine!


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